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Internet of things is already here and makes increasingly impact on our life. At the same time as it sends more and more professions to the history book it also creates loads of new jobs. In this spirit, Mark Dorman identifies ten new professions with great future prospects in the era of the internet of things. The smart farmer, agricultural work goes from being less of protection of the countryside to become more of scientific work while using the latest “technology to maximise crop yields and analyse soil fertility” etc. etc. Another profession is 3D-printing engineer that basically is a transformation of the production-process with often a lot of waste-material to no waste-material. And at the same time a more flexible approach to the production from mass- to personalised products. A third profession identified is data security expert. With the internet of things, the security issues grow tremendously. Since to get a virus and get hacked when using a computer is bad enough and can cause a lot of headaches. But think of the consequences if your self-driving car gets hacked in real-time or medical equipment during surgery. This field also includes another profession identified by Dorman, counter-hackers, the good guys that are employed by business and public administration to fight hackers. Read the whole story here. Source: Yahoo Finance Opinion