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MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory is now launching “Foundry”, which is a system for custom-designing a variety of 3-D printed objects with multiple materials. This new technology is adding a new dimension to both designing and manufacturing as well as have great prospects of speeding up the transformation from traditional manufacturing to manufacturing with 3D-printing technology. Until now multi-material 3D-rinting has been possible, but the outcome has not been good enough for commercial production. Foundry is allowing users to vary the material properties at a very fine resolution that have not been possible before. PhD student Kiril Vidimče, who is first author of the paper, says: “In traditional manufacturing, objects made of different materials are manufactured via separate processes and then assembled with an adhesive or another binding process. Even existing multi-material 3-D printers have a similar workflow.” At the same time the design-process has been simplified, according to Vidimče it is as simple as using Photoshop. Source: MIT News