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The 11th eLearning Africa Conference in Cairo, Egypt, that took place between May 24-26 showed a sparkling startup-scene on the African continent. However, transforming the educational systems into the digital era that is a prerequisite to boost the economic and societal development is lagging behind. This caused a lot frustration at the conference, e.g. Egyptian minister of communications and information technology H.E. Yasser ElKadysaid: “We are not going to wait until 2063.” He was referring to the African Union (AU) and the date AU set for finishing transformation of the continent. The rethoric must be translated into action, according to Professor Ismail Serageldin, the founder and director of the Bioblioteca Alexandrina. The eLearning Africa conference brought together decision makers and practitioners from across the education, business and public sectors to debate, share and take action on all themes surrounding access, openness, skills, pedagogy, sustainable development, best practice and more. Source: Disrupt Africa