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In case educational background and work-experience are the only criteria in the recruitment-process, many requirements of today’s and the future market is being neglected, which basically comes out the need of diversity in the workforce but also to find the right talent to a particular position. These deficits can to a large extent be over-bridged by gamification mechanics in the form of psychometric games software for recruitment. This is basically an artificial intelligence system that measures each applicant’s skills, abilities and potential to perform in a given role. Criterions that are measured are how the applicant is handling risk, tolerance of ambiguity and persistence etc. The benefits with such method is e.g. that applicants that could have more difficulty handling formal questions but are comfortable using games when applying for jobs get a fairer chance in the competition. And at the same time gamification integrates more hands-on engagement and inspiration into the recruitment-process, besides a better basis to make the right decision for the employer.  Source: Personnel Today