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A new forecast for the e-learning market in Europe from Technavio shows an expected growth of 12% during the period of 2016-2020. The research company identify four main driving forces; 1. Availability of basic digital infrastructure, where one of many triggers is online examinations. Today, more than half of the institutes in the EU have introduced online examinations, which are expected to reach close to 70% during the forecast period. 2. Rising integration of MOOCs in curriculum, here the linguistic diversity is one of the interesting highlights of European MOOCs. 3. Government initiatives, one issue that certainly will boost the growth of the eLearning market in Europe would be to speed up the EU Commission’s plans to lower the VAT on eBooks and other electronic publications hopefully to the same level as printed books. 4. Stronger focus on blended learning, a mix of lecture sessions, collaborative learning and self-studies etc. for the benefits of all learning styles brings the flexibility and best possible educational outcome as well as increase the demand for more courses and applications etc. Source: Business Wire