Latest News: Five Quotes from Davos 2016: On the Road to the Future

Latest News: Five Quotes from Davos 2016: On the Road to the Future

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“Data is the new currency of this fourth industrial revolution.”
Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft

“Technology itself will not determine the future we get. Our choices will. Leadership will.”
Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

“We need societies that acknowledge diversity as a source of strength not a source of weakness. (…) Just look at Silicon Valley it crackles with ideas and experimentation. Diversity is a major reason for Silicon Valley’s creativity. Its engineers and entrepreneurs come from all over the world, each brings a different perspective and when these diverse seeing and thinking come together they spark creativity.”
Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

“Travel the world (…) In this future world we will need people with different language knowledge and the best way to take on another language is to live in another country, and especially English. But also to learn other cultures because in this global world it will be more and more important to have the sensibility to other cultures.”
Alain Dehaze, Chief Executive Officer at Adecco Group

“What we need to be doing in the classroom and formal education … (…) Everybody has to be prepared for a lifetime of learning. We no longer in a world where we are expected to go to school for a set number of years then you’ve learned everything and go out into a career. You learn for a set number of years, but what you really have to be learning is how to learn using the new tools. Because all those new opportunities are out there, but if people are not equipped to take advantage of them they are not going to.”
Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia

Source: World Economic Forum in Davos 2016


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