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The EU Audiovisual Media Services Directive is being revised in order to better comprehend with todays media habits of especially young people. Since the younger generations consume less and less traditional media like TV broadcasting and more of different forms of digital experiences on demand. One of the EU Commission’s proposals is on geo-blocking where the new proposal defines the situations when there is no justified reason for geo-blocking or other forms of discrimination based on nationality, residence or location. eBooks are one of the products/services that are defined, but there will be a further revision around the regulations of eBooks within the next two years. While printed books falls under the new legislation when it comes to delivery if the transportation-cost is specified. The Federation of European Publishers President Pierre Dutilleul comments: “The eBook market is still in early stages in most of the European countries and the investments made by all players are considerable to serve the widest possible audience. However, because of the sheer size of the current eBook market and because legislations meant to safeguard and promote cultural diversity need to be respected, including eBooks in the Regulation without having assessed the impact would have been detrimental to the market itself. With this review clause, FEP and its members will be working with the services of the EC to find the right balance to encourage a sustainable ecosystem for the book”. Source: Press Release from Federation of European Publishers and Bookseller.com