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According to this year’s EU Education and Training Monitor report that was published yesterday the EU member states makes progress on reaching EU educational targets. However, the report identifies general weaknesses when it comes to relevance and inclusiveness in the educational system. It is still too much of a world apart from the requirements of the progressing digital society. To use Tibor Navracsics, EU Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport, words: “Today more than ever we need to ensure that education enables young people to become active, independent citizens and find fulfilling work. This is not only a question of securing sustained growth and innovation. It is a question of fairness.” In the same spirit the report shows deficits when handling tasks like the refugee crises, where education could be a stepping stone to faster integration it becomes a wall that takes a lot of efforts to climb over. Some of the good signs are that the EU member states public investment in education grew by 1.1% annually. Source: EU Commission press release