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Let your senses guide you, embrace self-awareness/adaptability, collaboration/collegiality and empathy, in other words, use your emotional intelligence (EQ), and success in your working life will come your way. These are the advice in Harvard Business Review by James Runde, the author of the book UNEQUALED, with 40 years of experience from Morgan Stanley, today as  vice chairman. He writes: “Without EQ, it’s likely that you will be your firm’s “best-kept secret” — not recognized, not appreciated, not promoted and, often, not properly compensated. Developing EQ is just as pertinent for the recent graduate who is starting out, as it is for the seasoned veteran.” EQ is the ability to monitor your own and other people’s’ emotions and let this information guide your thinking and behaviour. An ability that even more important in the 21st Century working life that rapidly getting more and more complex. It is really the foundation you should work from. Source: Harvard Business Review