EU targets for education in 2020
EU targets for education in 2020 Source: EU Education and Training Monitor 2015

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The EU Education and Training Monitor 2015 shows that educational poverty is still an enormous problem. Educational poverty means the share of young people failing to reach minimum standards in education. Millions of Europeans are thereby at higher risk of poverty, social exclusion and unemployment. The Monitor shows that the inequalities continue to grow. The average rate of early leavers from education and training is now at 11.1% in the EU and this group influenced strongly by students’ parental background. However, foreign-born young people who arrived in their new country of residence before the beginning of compulsory education show virtually identical rates of early school leaving and tertiary education attainment when compared to native-born individuals. However, foreign-born students arriving during compulsory education perform less well and require targeted support. The Monitor identifies three keys to reach the goals set to 2020 (see infografics left). 1. Stronger focus on childhood education with a more inclusive approach 2. Improve the prerequisites for teachers for a more inclusive education 3. Make the educational and training system more flexible to better allow transitions between different levels of education, between vocational and general education, between labour market and adult learning. Source: EU Education and Training Monitor 2015