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UNICEF has joined hand with El Salvador’s largest telecom-company, Tigo and some other telecom-companies, in order to improve education in public schools through digitalisation. This means providing the schools with connectivity, equipment, leadership training and workshops. In an interview with the Guardian Karla Maria Rivas de Reyes, CSR and communications director for Tigo/Millicom in El Salvador says: “With presence in the emerging markets of Africa and Latin America, we believe in change, in making people’s lives easier and better through technology.” Besides improving education Karla Maria Rivas de Reyes also has other ideas for improvement. Since  people often live far from voting centres an app which allows people to vote electronically could be a great solution. And in the same line of thinking a similar app could exist for kids, which would allow them to give their vote on decisions adults make that affect them. The outcome would be an improved democracy and more engagement in the development of the society. Source: The Guardian and UNICEF