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Latest News: Design Thinking and Virtual Reality in Higher Education

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The timing is right for progress of human-centered design in higher education, says Professor Kate Canales in an interview with fastcodesign.com. “Design is poised to make a huge impact in higher ed.” she continues. Design thinking for higher ed both works as a tool for students’ learning as well as a disruptive force since higher ed is growing out of its traditional business model. One example of the former is University of California Merced that now is giving students new research opportunities with its virtual reality system called the WAVE. Here the student can visit e.g. the newly discovered hidden chambers in the Great Pyramid of Giza or microstructures within the human brain etc. etc. without ever leaving Merced. The WAVE uses 20 screens, 3-D technology, 4K resolution and an extensive research network to transport viewers to far-flung places around the globe and it includes storytelling about what the student sees. Later it also will include interactive applications with possibility to develop new knowledge. This is a great example of human-centered design that activate several senses and possibility to network with other people on the subject around the world. Source: FastDesignCo and University of California


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