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Only 4% of the households in Africa have internet access. However, more than 50% of the population owns cell phones. The educational development is literally in the hands of the people, which will boost the positive economical development that is taking place in many corners of the African continent. Distance learning with eLearning applications will to large extent form the future workforce. And this environment of good future prospects is already producing great innovations. Like for instance three students at the Makerere University in Uganda that came up with the mobile app Matibabu that is used to diagnose malaria patients. The obstacles on the way to be able to gain from all the good prospects, is e.g. a general low level of computer literacy, too few teachers have knowledge and skills to teach online is some of the problems. Please read the whole analysis Africa: ICT for Innovation – E-Learning for Africa in the Cyber-Age by Odomaro Mubangizi. Source: