Internet of Things transforming Manufacturing, education next?

Internet of Things transforming Manufacturing, education next?

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Germany has taken the lead fourth Industrial Revolution which is a common term that include automation, data exchange and manufacturing technologies. This computerisation of manufacturing is a part of the Internet of Things development where everything from devices to machines is connected for the user’s convenience and big data for continual improvements.  “As the “internet of things” spreads to the factory floor, products are being packed with ever more sensors and connected to the internet. That is transforming manufacturing—and the mindset that firms need to succeed.” The Economist writes in the excellent analysis The industrial internet of things – Machine learning.

Internet of Things and Education

The 20th Century manufacturing process is thereby going through a profound transformation. The outcome is going from the traditional process of raw material to manufacturing to mass marketing to a process that starts with the individual customer. We also know from history that a development that starts in the industry also after a while transform education. So which part in education can be automated, where is big data useful, how can you include Industry 4.0 manufacturing methods in the learning process? In other words how can you implement the Internet of Things in education?

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