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Professor Jarmo Rantakokko at Uppsala University examines more methods for interactive learning with focus on interactive animations and role play. One of these pedagogical methods is learning from different scenarios in order for the student to participate in a process virtually. This focusing on to get an understanding of dynamics and how different factors affects a given process and gives the student possibilities to affect the process and thereby create new scenarios. In contrast of passive learning-method where focus is directed of inculcate facts.

Animation and role play in practice

While interactive animations expand learning with one more dimension since the student can watch a given process and affect it in real time. Then interactive role play adds one more dimension though the student is in the process and interact with the system and often also with other students. But as Professor Rantakokko writes: ”Before starting designing animations one must consider the learning aspects.” The first aspect that the developer should consider is how students should be activated in the module. Especially since studies shows that:

”Learners who are actively engaged with the visualisation technology have consistently outperformed learners who passively view visualisations.”


Pedagogical methods for interactive learning

The basis for an effective and motivating animation or role play is accordingly interactive. In the same way as the response-method of Hellström and Johansson in the article Interactive Learning in a Group takes classroom learning to a higher level of effect and motivation by its interactivity. In the same way digital teaching aids works with many different forms of exercises including group-exercise to add one more dimension with interactive animations and role-play.

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Rantakokko, Jarmo Interactive Learning of Algorithms, Department of Information Technology, Uppsala University