Integrated Storytelling in Interactive Books for Everybody

Integrerad storytelling i interaktiva böcker för alla
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The world, according to the management guru Peter Drucker, consists of two kinds of people: Readers and Listeners. With these words, he is referring to how we learn and process information. In this spirit, different people prefer different environments when they learn or perform other engaging tasks. Some prefer a printed book or an audiobook. Others prefer a digital makerspace or a real lab to actually create in a learning by doing approach, or a game to test and refine individual skills and have fun etc. etc. To meet the learner you also have to consider their digital playing ground, meaning which device they have and which OS.

Let’s MakeIT in a PublishingLab!

We at eLearningworld Europe AB took this under consideration and created Storyteller on eLearningworld. Where we now in ainteraQtive books simple process can create interaQtive books to download and run on most forms of devices and OS, as well as online. Everything is available for collaboration to help you tell your stories. To actually, meet your audience in their individual home environment and their specific requirements. Read more about the services here

Diversity and medium

The medium is still a vital part of the message as Marshall MacLuhan explained in his book Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man from 1964. This idea is probably even more accurate today than back in 1964. Especially since there are much more different formats with different characteristics and abilities to engage different target groups. With our simplified and cost-effective production-process and multimedia and multi-environment approach. We can easily adapt to the learning- and inspiration- moments of your audience.

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