Innovative management – Research identifies five vital skills

Innovative management – Research identifies five vital skills

Innovative Management - Research Identifies Five Vital Skills  In Harvard Business Review, Katherine Graham-Leviss, the founder and president of XBInsight, present the result and analysis of the competency data on nearly 5000 business leaders that the company has collected. The outcome shows that innovative management has five skills in common:

  • Manage risk
  • Demonstrate curiosity
  • Lead courageously
  • Seize opportunities
  • Maintain a strategic business perspective

However, to boost these skills the workplace should work as a creative space with no bureaucratic or other forms of obstacles for innovation. In this spirit, the German government is offering small and medium-sized businesses to develop Industry 4.0 with support, skills development, high-tech test-environment, and funding. This is a perfect foundation and playing-ground to give support to innovative management skills identified from XBInsight‘s competency data. Since as the German Ministry of Education and research puts it; in the future, companies increasingly will have to produce “smart” personalized products, otherwise, their global competitiveness will be lost. To build creative spaces to boost the five common skills for innovation is thereby inevitable in the globalized market.

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