Innovation Clusters to shape the future

Innovation Clusters to shape the future

Innovation Clusters To Shape The Future

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The future cluster initiative was announced in 2019 by the German Government as an open-topic competition under the motto “Clusters4Future”. It was the new flagship of the high-tech strategy 2025. Now in October, the first seven innovation clusters in Clusters4Future are starting the implementation phase. Federal Research Minister Anja Karliczek said the following:

“An innovation country like Germany thrives on fast and efficient exchange between science, business, and society. With the seven future clusters, we tackle particularly promising topics early and courageously and bring you from research to economic and social application – be it in the field of artificial intelligence, mobility, and energy or personalized medicine.”

Examples of innovation clusters

For example, in Stuttgart-Ulm region the development of highly sensitive quantum sensors with unimaginable measuring accuracy is starting. In the greater Munich area, cluster MCube, is directed on sustainable mobility transition and urban development. While the Aachen future cluster NeuroSys focus on new types of hardware components that are modeled on the human brain for the development of artificial intelligence.

In the second round of the competition in May 2021, another 15 finalists were selected for the funded conception phase. Where the final selection of the future clusters of the second round is planned for July 2022.

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