Innovation Clusters – A new Generation is being built

Innovation Clusters – A new Generation is being built

Innovation Clusters - A New Generation Is Being BuiltWithin HighTech Strategy 2025 the German Federal Education and Research Innovationskluster - En Ny Generation Håller På Att ByggasMinistry now launch Future Cluster. Where one of the key objectives is to bring outstanding research faster into people’s everyday lives. This new generation of regional innovation clusters will form a basis for ideal conditions for the cooperation of universities, research institutions, businesses and other relevant actors to empower the paths to innovation. The German government plans to provide up to 450 million euros,  over the next ten years, to this initiative. With non-governmental stakeholder’s funding, the Future Cluster-project can generate over one billion euros for innovative growth centres in Germany.

Open competition for innovation clusters

The innovation cluster initiative is deliberately created as a technology open competition with several rounds. Each round start with a six-month design phase. From which the best concepts of the future cluster are selected and funded. The general focus is directed on forming a growing ground for social and organizational innovations, new business models, pioneering creative economic solutions and inclusion.



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