Improving Content Marketing by boosting Interactivity

A few months ago four short stories about content marketing were published in a series of five. However, the fifth story that was set to be a review of effective content marketing tools and services was never published. Since after exploring and testing several, no one seemed to meet our expectations. Instead, we turned the criteria for the evaluation into practice and now we are launching the first content marketing services. Where the service Interactive Stories in our knowledgeable environment is taking the engaging interactivity with potential and existing customers to the next level.

Engagement with dynamic content

The fourth trend identified in the series of content marketing stories is also introducing this service. This means dynamic content that adapts to the audience on an individual basis and includes interactivity as an invitation for the viewer to become a collaborator or player. The concept makes the marketing go from one-way-broadcasting to involvement, interaction and co-creation. With digital technologies, the possibilities are endless for the content marketer with different forms of gamification, games, personal design, interactive video etc. Where the gain for the audience besides boosted engagement can be discounts or other personal or organisational benefits. While the app besides the engaging mechanisms is promoting the brand and extend knowledge about its products and services.

Design thinking and the 6iModel

The 6iModel that is presented in the book “Learning Design in Practice for Everybody” by the founder of eLearningworld, LarsGoran Bostrom, is basically a design thinking approach with the focus on improving projects with creativity as the driving force. And this model is the foundation of our work process besides the collaboration with You as the client. The next milestone for our interactive marketing services are the future launch of our marketing suite that will be connected both to the Storyteller on eLearningworld-platform, as well as an independent platform, more about this later.

Trend 1 of 5 Collaborative Content Marketing

Trend 2 of 5 Design thinking to target people and their needs

Trend 3 of 5 Focus on long-term to find the right spots

Trend 4 of 5 Engagement with dynamic content

Trend 5 of 5 Improving Content Marketing by boosting Interactivity

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