How to manage Human Capital in the 4th Industrial Revolution

How to manage Human Capital in the 4th Industrial Revolution

How To Manage Human Capital In The 4Th Industrial RevolutionHur Hantera Human Capital I 4:E Industriella RevolutionenIn 2019 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends report the question of how to manage the transformation are answered. Where the main pillars are to reinvent the organisation to become a social enterprise. Following that the focus should turn from employee experience to human experience.

How to manage Human Capital

This transformation is according to the report driven by five principles:

  1. Transparency and openness 
  2. Collaboration and personal relationships
  3. Growth and passion
  4. Ethics and fairness
  5. Purpose and meaning

This should be seen in the light of that the no.1 reason why people quit their jobs today is the inability to learn and grow. To use the words from the report:

“Because the paradox of today is that while we live in a world of amazing technology, it is – and always will be – human potential that moves us forward.”

More drivers in the 4th industrial revolution

Other drivers of the trends of human capital management in the 4th industrial revolution are the Gig Economy, Lifelong Learning and to empower the stakeholders to boost organisational performance. 

The trend report is based on a survey with almost 10 000 respondents from 119 countries. Where survey shows that 86% believe they must reinvent their ability to learn in the shadow of the development of AI, cognitive technologies and automation. As the mission of the business in itself is changing focus,  the social enterprise created. It is not only directed on revenue-growth and profit but also to support its environment and stakeholder network.


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