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How to integrate EdTech in Your Learning Environment

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Lets see how an organisation can reach Level 3 on the eLearningworld Digital Maturity Model and thereby make learning more effective and in general improve the learning experience. The teachers/educators was trained in Level 2 and to some extent digital content is used in the education, but now is the time to integrate the digital environment with the traditional. Here follows five points for successful integration:

  1. Set the goals and vision for transforming the learning environment.
  2. Devices and curriculum – the decisions on these areas should be made at the same time from a shared vision.
  3. Integrate digital literacy security, meaning safeguards, so that no student or teacher is left out because he or she is not able to use the digital benefits accurately.
  4. Decide and implement a digital content and tools strategy and make it work with the traditional learning environment. How is this strategy helping the students to reach their educational goals?
  5. Decide how to make use of the data digital learning applications produce to improve the learning experience for the students to reach better result.

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