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Learning by doing is the foundation of skills development, but what kind of practice works best? Jeff Huang, a computer science professor at Brown University and his research team used data from online video games, not only to study what kinds of practice that makes people acquire skills, but also how the performance could be optimized into other fields. Professor Huang comments the results of the research in the following way: “What this suggests is that if you want to improve the most efficiently, it’s not about playing the most matches per week. You actually want to space out your activity a little bit and not play so intensively.” But these breaks from “the training sessions” should not be too long, since the study also shows that a 30-day break required 10 games to get back to the skill level the gamer had before the break. Generally, the outcome of the research project shows how cognitive science basically works for skills development and learning, where continual training with short breaks are the key to success. Source: News from Brown University