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How Blockchain technology can impact Education

How Blockchain technology can impact EducationeLearningworld NewsHow Blockchain technology can impact Education

A new report called “Blockchain in Education” from European Commission shows the prospects of using blockchain technology in education and its potential to transform the field. The main conclusion is that: “Blockchain technology can help improve old models of data management and bring benefits to learners and educational institutions in the EU – if policymakers are well prepared to embrace the change.” The last part is very important and should be seen in the light that the digitization of education in general within EU today is on very different levels in the member states. The report shows three forces of transformation in using blockchain in education. For instance, real-time access to educational results and degrees for the student. This means as soon as the educational institution has approved the result with one click, which furthermore means less administration for the school, the student can use the educational results to apply for new courses or use in their CV. The data is available for any educational institution or employer to access instantly for confirmation. “Smart contracts” is another service that is improved using blockchain, which means a contract that automatically enacts an agreement if certain conditions are met, e.g. when a student applies for financial aid for study etc. More areas of use and how the technology works you’ll find in the report mentioned above and also in “Learning Design in Practice for Everybody” where a section of the book focuses on how blockchain technology will impact the learning designers work in the future. Source: EU Science Hub

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