Government challenging universities on a climate competition

Government challenging universities on a climate competition

Government Challenging Universities On A Climate Competition

The Norwegian government wants to further activate the Regering Utmanar Universitet På En Klimattävlinguniversities on the issue of climate change. As it now is launching a climate competition with a focus on the universities’ climate impact. As well as what they do to decrease their environmental footprints. But also to increase the amount of research within the field. Both students and employees at the universities should have an active role in the challenge. 

The competition will be based on making evaluation cards and “point billboards” that will show the universities’ climate achievements in different areas, e.g. flight travels, waste, energy consumption and -production. This will be visualised with green, yellow and red for each area and university, and will be summarised in a yearly progress report. The competition is not mandatory, but the government hopes that all 29 universities will participate.

Source: Press release from the Government of Norway

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