Germany Unveils AI Action Plan to Boost Innovation and Economic Growth

Germany Unveils AI Action Plan to Boost Innovation and Economic Growth

Germany Unveils Ai Action Plan To Boost Innovation And Economic Growth

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Berlin, Germany – November 7, 2023 – Federal Research Minister Bettina Stark-Watzinger today unveiled the AI Action Plan, a comprehensive strategy to solidify Germany’s position as a global leader in artificial intelligence (AI) research and development. The plan outlines eleven key areas of action, including strengthening the research base, expanding AI infrastructure, promoting AI education, and accelerating the transfer of AI into practical applications.

“AI is the key technology of the 21st century,” said Minister Stark-Watzinger. “It holds immense potential for revolutionizing various sectors, from education and healthcare to industry and transportation. Our AI action plan will provide the necessary framework to harness this potential and secure Germany’s place at the forefront of AI innovation.”

The action plan emphasizes the importance of fostering collaboration between academia, industry, and government to drive AI development. It also underscores the need for responsible AI development that prioritizes ethical considerations and societal well-being.

Key highlights of the AI action plan include:

  • Continued strengthening of the research base: The government will invest in basic and applied AI research, supporting both academic and industrial research initiatives.

  • Expansion of AI infrastructure: The government will invest in expanding AI computing resources, data platforms, and other essential infrastructure to support AI development.

  • AI competence offensive: The government will implement programs to attract and retain AI talent, including scholarships, training programs, and incentives for businesses to hire AI experts.

  • Research and design of AI-based technologies in education: The government will support research on AI-powered teaching and learning tools to enhance educational outcomes.

  • Accelerated transfer of AI into growth and economic opportunities: The government will provide funding and support for businesses to adopt and integrate AI technologies into their operations.

  • AI in health: The government will focus on developing AI-powered solutions for healthcare challenges, such as personalized medicine and medical image analysis.

  • Targeted development of the social and scientific benefits of AI: The government will support research on the social and economic impact of AI, ensuring that AI benefits society as a whole.

  • Enhanced European and international cooperation: The government will strengthen collaboration with international partners to advance AI research and development at a global scale.

  • Promotion of social dialogue and multidisciplinary research on AI: The government will encourage open discussions about AI’s impact on society and support multidisciplinary research to address complex AI-related issues.

  • Suitable, agile, and innovation-friendly regulation: The government will develop a regulatory framework for AI that promotes innovation while ensuring safety, ethics, and data privacy.

The AI action plan marks a significant step forward in Germany’s commitment to AI leadership. By investing in research, infrastructure, talent, and responsible development, Germany is poised to reap the full benefits of this transformative technology and solidify its position as a global AI powerhouse.

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