Gamified Storytelling for Business Development

Gamified Storytelling for Business Development

Gamified Storytelling For Business DevelopmentAfter satisfying the rational intelligence of your users with qualitative service Gamifierat Berättande För Företagsutvecklingand employees with good salary and working conditions also the emotional intelligence must be satisfied. It is time for external and internal stakeholders interact with your organisation. Developed and integrated in the right way gamification/game mechanisms can be a very powerful and revolutionising tool for an organization as a part of the general digitalization of its performance.


Dopamine is included in several important systems that regulate movement, joy, enthusiasm, concentration and so on. Nevertheless, Dopamine does not like a drug has an impact on the experience in itself. Instead, it empowers the will to search for things and environments that cause joy and pleasure. This is a process that intensifies motivation, curiosity and the will to explore. In brief, it is the fuel to drive engagement and the challenge is then to direct it towards your organisation.

Interactive Content

Such engagement is built with genuine and interest-awakening content that is interactive and is packaged according to the company’s target group’s preferences. Social media is, of course, a great channel to drive such engaging information and strengthen the brand. Besides the interactivity that can be created via social media in the appearance of dialogue, multimedia, comments, texts, design etc. This is where the organisation shows parts of its brain-capacity, in the form of e.g. functionality and worldview. Then the next step is to make the users/ stakeholders deepen their engagement with the organisation, in order to be more interactive with the organisation. To make this happen the organisation also has to show its heart and soul. For this often another packaging of content is required with a focus on collaboration, deepening, drive curiosity and entertainment.

Storytelling for business development in a Digital World

In the digital world, this can be done in many different ways. When it comes to internal stakeholders, namely employees and contractors this could be an event of further training via eLearning-modules. It could be directly directed to the organisation’s performance or related subject-fields to improve competence and thereby the efficiency of the organisation. In order to increase the engagement integration of gamified mechanisms is a workable solution. Since it makes use of the engaging characteristics that game-methodology produce. Different forms of bonuses when the user reaches new levels, finishes assignments, reaching a level of points and so on. In this way, a business environment is built with employees and contractors that always want to improve and reach higher levels, accomplish new tasks, find new solutions. This can also form the foundation of a more entrepreneurial culture in all parts of the business.

Such an environment is a great driving force for dopamine so that it transforms as to poetry for the brain.

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