Gamification of routines take Well Being to a new level Part 1Research from the University of New Mexico shows significant benefits of including Gamifiering av rutiner tar Välmående till en ny nivå Del 1gamification mechanics in products and services. It both triggers inner-motivation as well as health benefits. Professor Nick Flor at Anderson School of Management explains:

“Primitive humans evolved an innate affinity for playing games, because games allowed them to practice and develop in a safe environment, those mental and physical skills necessary for survival when actually fighting, hunting or gathering. Gamification touches on a primal instinct to find and collect things, to hone eye-hand coordination, to assimilate into a culture, and ultimately to have an avenue to compete with one another.”

Gamification of routines

In this general gamification trend that now works as an increasingly integrated mechanics in many fields of the society, like marketing and learning. Health and well being is another area where it can trigger great results. The data collection and analysis of the training efforts is a good example of “the gamification of routines”.