Gamification in Practice in Schools and a Museum

Gamification in Practice in Schools and a Museum

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How to improve language learning in school? In a EU funded project via the Erasmus+ programme, partner schools from Malta, Spain, Poland, Greece, Turkey and Italy are exploring the opportunities. The driving forces on the gamified learning area in comparison with traditional pedagogy is engaging storytelling, problem-solving and using strategies, playing by the rules and gaining points as the pupil progress. The languages the pupils learn is English and German as a second language. Another example of using gamification to improve engagement and accessibility is to be found in western Finland in the region Österbotten where the Agricultural Museum in Närpes during the past year makes it possible to take the tour through the museum virtually from your home computer. Now the museum is taking the next step in order to boost engagement by introducing gamification mechanics. Here two routes is possible to collect point at traditional visits it can be designed like Pokémon Go and for virtual visits at the museum the visitor can collect points and play more like a traditional computer game. Source: Times of Malta and YLE 



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