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26 years ago, August 1991, the world wide web was first published to the general public on the internet, as the result of a research project at the European Science Institute, CERN. Never a launch have been that successful, during the first 1000 days 100 000 users produced 450 000 websites with totally 150 million web pages that was visited by 30 million people around the world. This invention also is one of the main driving forces for the digital age in general. Yesterday, CERN OpenLab published a white paper concerning 16 ICT challenges the institute will face in the years to come. The challenges are grouped into four R&D topics; data-centre technologies and infrastructures, computing performance and software, machine learning and data analytics, applications in other disciplines. Some of the challenges identified are “making sure that large-scale platforms are in place to enable global scientific collaboration and successfully translating the huge potential of machine learning into concrete solutions.” Source: CERN