Further training for teachers – the first training centre has opened

Further training for teachers – the first training centre has opened

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First further training centre for digital teachingFurther Training For Teachers - The First Training Centre Has Opened in the STEM field has opened. Where the German Federal Government plans to open three more competence centres in the summer 2023 with focus on to advance digital teaching. The MINT competence centre that now has been launched consists of six joint projects with partners from universities and non-university research institutions. Together they are pursuing the goal of developing and researching digitization-related training and further education offers in the MINT subjects (biology, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, physics, and general knowledge) and contributing to the transfer of knowledge.  

Federal Education Minister Bettina Stark-Watzinger explains:

“With the competence network learn: digital and the competence centre MINT, the BMBF makes a substantial contribution to the development of the further training landscape for our teachers, far beyond the actual responsibilities of the federal government. By 2026, we will invest up to 205 million euros in research and development of high-quality training opportunities.”

The goal is to train teachers to competently design their lessons and impart future digital skills for work and study. Furthermore, since digital skills are increasingly becoming a question of equal opportunities and to be able to participate, the new MINT-competence centres form vital hubs to meet today’s and future requirements for learning.

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