Free microlearning courses for adults from the UN Initiative Educate All

Free microlearning courses for adults from the UN Initiative Educate All

Free Microlearning Courses For Adults From The Un Initiative Educate AllUNITAR (United Nations Institute for Training and Research) in collaboration with Kostnadsfria Mikrolärande Kurser För Vuxna Från Fn Initiativet Educate AllEdApp has launched a global learning initiative to provide high-quality adult education. From the beginning of May 2020, UNITAR will contribute to microlearning courses to Educate All. Where the focus is to create a global learning library to support the SDGs, as well as gender equality, leadership and entrepreneurship. The initiative has been made possible as EdApp opening up the platform to the public free of charge for individuals.

Purposes with the initiative

The main purpose of the initiative is to equalize the opportunities for both successful societal-, business as well as personal professional development globally. The organizations that are managing the initiative is UNITAR that is the core of the United Nations educational efforts. It is dedicated to providing innovative learning solutions to individuals, organizations and institutions. With the purpose to enhance global decision-making and support country-level action for shaping a better future in line with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. While EdApp is an award-winning microlearning management system that includes a rapid authoring tool, content library and suite of mobile apps. In the beginning, it was mostly used by NGO: s in developing countries. Today, about 50 000 lessons are taken every day on the platform.

Free microlearning courses

At a webinar April 29, Nigel Gan, training specialist and program manager at UNITAR and the CEO of EdApp, Darren Winterford, presented the ambitious plans of providing education for everyone by developing a global library with free microlearning courses. This includes the fact that now in the time of Corona isolation the initiative has become even more important and provide a great opportunity to improve skills as well as developing material to the library. Contributions to the library are at the moment curated by the Ed App-team, but review- and rating features for the users are about to be integrated on the platform. Other features are offline access, adaption to mobile devices and the use of Google AI translation of the microlearning courses.

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