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The Arc is a new innovative learning hub equipped with the latest tools for flipping the classroom. It is now being launched by the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore (NTU Singapore) and includes 56 smart classrooms. In the flipped classroom students learn the course content online before class. Then in class, the time is devoted to collaborative learning with their professors and other students. The goal is that at least 50 percent of the undergraduate courses should be using the flipped classroom pedagogy by 2020, so far 32 percent of the courses have been redesigned. In general, the Arc is directed on using sustainable green technologies and is also the centre for using 3D-printing technology. Professor Subra Suresh, the new president of NTU, commented the launch of the learning hub in the following way: “We aim to be the world’s Smart Campus and demonstrate how innovative tech-enabled solutions can help improve everyday life in a sustainable manner”. Source: NTU Singapore