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The European Innovation Scoreboard is a yearly comparative analysis of innovation performance. The comparison targets EU-members, EU in comparison to other European countries as well as the performance in comparison to other regions globally. The European Innovation Scoreboard 2018 was released June 22 shows that European innovation performance is accelerating in comparison to United States, Japan, and Canada, while the fastest runner towards the future is China, but are still behind EU. However, within the EU the performance remains uneven between the member states. Since 2010, innovation performance increased in 18 EU countries and decreased in 10. Where performance has increased most in Lithuania, Malta, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom, and decreased most in Cyprus and Romania. EU is divided into four performance groups where to Innovation Leaders according to the Innovation Index are Denmark, Finland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Sweden, and the UK. However, the differences between this group and the second group Strong innovators remains small. Source: European Innovation Scoreboard