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European Commission takes action for Digital Learning

European Commission takes action for Digital LearningeLearningworld NewsEuropean Commission takes action for Digital Learning

EU Commission adopted on 16 January 2018 the Communication on the Action Plan on Digital Learning with the focus on adding more fuel to the digitization of education in Europe. This includes how the EU can help individuals, educational institutions and education systems to better adapt to life and work in an age of rapid digital transformation. In the form of making better use of digital technology for teaching and learning, developing relevant digital competence and skills and improving education through better data analysis. This should be seen in the light of earlier initiatives within the field, like strengthening European identity through education and culture, opening up and rethinking education with the tools the digital revolution offers for education and training. The agenda for digital learning in Europe also includes funding for research and innovation through several EU programmes like Horizon 2020. Source: European Commission

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