Enrich educational impact with support of AI


Artificial intelligence could be a bridge. The connector to improve human interaction and adapting education in accordance with individual preferences and skills. And at the same time, automating administrative tasks in the educational process to make more room for learning and teaching. Data is here the AI language to make it all work.

Last thing first, the process of grading homework, essays and student responses are everlasting and extremely time-consuming for teachers. With the AI-solutions that is in the making this soon will be a thing of the past, something that belonged to the industrial age, but not anymore. Where teachers instead could focus on qualitative teaching and individual development support. Today, multiple-choice questions and fill in answer tasks can be automated. But very soon this automation also will include evaluation of essays and other open-ended answers with AI as an assistant or replacement for human grading. On our platform where you can create interactive books, Storyteller on eLearningworld, an essay-module is included in the services directed towards educational organisations that give students feedback on what they are writing in real-time. The service Storyteller PublishingLab will be launched during the autumn 2018, the Storyteller On Demand-service is available now.

However, the prospects of artificial intelligence in education goes a lot further. Intelligent tutoring systems that are most workable outside the classroom is one application that can relieve teachers task of formal feedback to students, both administrative and educational. Where teachers instead can focus on the more human interaction of qualitative feedback and personalised teaching. This in order to satisfy different learning styles and to take learning to the next level. We at eLearningworld Europe AB intending to be a part of this development.

Written by
LarsGoran Bostrom©