eLearningworld is back! With a toolbox for interactive books

eLearningworld is back! With a toolbox for interactive books

Elearningworld Is Back! With A Toolbox For Interactive BookseLearningworld is now returning with a toolbox for interactive books and other services. This to some extent in a new shape, on new better servers, where we intend to bring interaQtive books to life and deliver to the world. This with great opportunities to create your own books with interactivity, a format, and concept that is especially well-adapted to books for all forms of learning, teen- and children’ books, and non-fiction in general. But they work for all forms of storytelling. Only your creativity sets the limit to create astonishing learning, engaging, and inclusive experiences. Since the toolbox includes loads of different interactive features to empower your book, learn more here.

New services

We are also about to launch new publishing services for e.g. audiobooks besides all the other services that already are available, like Storyteller on Demand. The services work both as an all-in-one solution or, as an á la carte. Even if we have developed a platform, a makerspace, called SOE PublishingLab for interactive books. We believe that the format is not the issue, but the user experience, the iReaders’ individual requirements, and preferences. In order to empower learning and engagement, including the fun factor. All this with simple and user-friendly distribution to all forms of devices and OS.

Toolbox for interactive books and traditional publishing

In our own production, we are now integrating interactive features in traditional book publishing as well as producing interaQtive books. It includes non-fiction books for adults as well as teen- and children-books, more information about our production later.

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LarsGoran Bostrom
Founder of eLearningworld Europe AB – E as in Experience

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