eLearningworld News Service is being launched

eLearningworld News Service is being launched

NewslogoUntil now eLearningworld has focused on long-read stories, reports and analysis in order to inspire and educate about the benefits and best practice of using edtech/eLearning. Now is time to extend our efforts to real time with the launch of eLearningworld News Service. In the first step we will cover the European market with short news items that concerns eLearning, edtech, school digitalisation, knowledge management as well as working life education and tech etc. These news items will be short, maximum 144 words and minimum 75 words, and in English.

You can subscribe to eLearningworld update to receive all news in your eMail and/or follow us on Twitter or the hashtag #eLearningworld as well as follow our Facebook page where all news also will be published, very welcome!

In case you have news items that apply to the conditions above, please send them to us click here, and we will publish them after evaluation. Thank you in advance.

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