If anybody thinks edtech does not transform the foundation of education, think again!

The future of education is cross-disciplinary. One-size-fits-all classroom education becomes an adaptive learning environment. Educational publishers becoming learning science companies. And as facts in an ever-changing world fast get obsolete focus instead will be set on analysis, understanding and learning by doing etc. Especially, since the student has a knowledge-bank called the web is at her fingertips. In this spirit, Penn State University now is opening the Center for Arts and Design Pedagogy (C-PAD). The approach is cross-disciplinary with the goal to develop arts and design pedagogies, research and professional development applicable both to learning and teaching in all disciplines. Scholars, artists and designers interested to learn and teach through the arts are some of the main target groups. With the focus on the intersections between different fields, it is directed on where often development and innovation appears.

Publishing 4.0

SiliconAngle writes about another example is the American 150-year-old textbook publisher, McGraw-Hill Education, that now is leaving the traditional one-size-fits-all approach to education and it is technology that is leading the way. The old publishing house is transforming into a learning science company. In which brain research on learning as well as data science is important tools. To answer the main question for the business to find solutions to. How do people learn and how they can learn better?

Adapting Learning

This will e.g. call for more adaptive content and pedagogy. Jose Ferreira, founder and chief executive of Knewton, an adaptive learning engine used by e.g. Pearson, said to Financial Times: “We are talking about the entire textbook market here — we think 100 per cent of materials will be adaptive within a decade.”

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