Edtech putting learning in an Entrepreneurial mode in France and Nigeria

Edtech putting learning in an Entrepreneurial mode in France and Nigeria

Woman 868534 640How do you keep up the skills- and knowledge development in one of the fastestRead It On Applenews Badge Rgb Us Uk growing countries in the world? Especially since the country, like the rest of the African continent is known for its low amount of book reading. Nigeria’s answer to continually boost the growth by developing the skills- and knowledge-base is eLearning. This is a way of growth hacking with low distribution-costs for all and putting the development in an entrepreneurial mode to invent, discover and create during the learning process. An approach that also lowers the walls to put the new knowledge and skills development in practice to nothing at all. Read Vanessa Onyema’s experience from this creative and progressing environment here.

This is also the approach of the Entrependre Foundation in France in their effort to engage more women to become entrepreneurs (only a third of France entrepreneurs are women today). The focus of the MOOC
that is being launched is directed on one of the main obstacles to go from a great idea to build a growing business, namely Financing.  “We are talking to women who already have an idea of what they want to do, and who have already made some progress, having already done a study of the prospects and have an idea of the amount of financing needed to get started,” Jérôme Gervais, Program Director, Entreprendre Foundation, explains to Portail Free. Thousands have already registered for the course and the enrollment is open until June 26.

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