Digitization speeds up in the shadow of Corona

Digitization speeds up in the shadow of Corona

Digitization Speeds Up In The Shadow Of CoronaThe alliance “We stay smart!” was launched a few weeks ago by the Digitaliseringen Accelererar I Skuggan Av CoronaGerman government. It is focusing on STEM education at home for schoolchildren, but anybody can use the content, to continue to learn in times of the Corona crisis. The alliance is a collaboration between the government, science, civil society and companies.  Federal Minister of Education Anja Karliczek explains:

“Especially in these weeks of school closings, it is important that we particularly strengthen the educational offerings at home. We want to give the students, their parents and the teachers the best possible support. With a new networked web offer, we would like to arouse interest among schoolchildren to also deal with mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology at home. In addition to the school content, we want to show that it doesn’t take much to experiment, program, discover new things and be enthusiastic about STEM within your own four walls. This is certainly not a substitute for school education. But everyone can benefit from the offer: children, adolescents, parents, teachers. So that everyone who wants to be there can say even in challenging times: We stay smart!”

A central website provides exciting tasks and suggestions from around 50 Allianz partners. Existing and new offers are bundled. For example, you can carry out chemical experiments in a virtual laboratory. Or you can learn how to program a computer. There are also experiments on the subject of climate and much more.

Digitization speeds up with an innovation competition

In the same spirit, the German government has also launched: INVITE innovation competition. Where 35 million euros are made available for concrete innovations for job-related further training that will be developed in the coming years. These innovations are intended to help all people find the training that suits them digitally as quickly and easily as possible. There are three goals for the innovation competition:

First, to make it easier for training platforms to network with each other.

Secondly, the quality of training platforms is also to be improved. For example, people might see more personalized recommendations – a kind of ‘you may also like’ that we know from Amazon, Netflix and Co.

The third goal focuses on digital further training itself, in order to use the opportunities of artificial intelligence (AI) for the actual learning process. This means that we want to make learning more flexible and more needs-based with AI-based teaching and learning opportunities.


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