Digital Transformation – Empower research, content creation, lifelong learning

Digital Transformation – Empower research, content creation, lifelong learning

Digital Transformation - Empower Research, Content Creation, Lifelong LearningThe Norwegian government boosting its efforts to transform andDigital Omvandling - Satsning På Forskning, Innehållsskapande, Livslångt Lärande adapt the educational system to the digital society’s prerequisites. As one of the frontrunners in this development, besides e.g. Denmark and Finland, the government is now investing more in ICT-research for the digital transformation of the working life. Both when comes to business and employees, as well as lifelong learning for general competence development and quality of higher education. 

“Learning the whole life” 

The competence reform “Learning the whole life” receives more funding with €11 million. This means totally €100 million for the whole competence programme during the year of 2020. Within which one of the larger posts are the management of a more flexible further education offer. This means focus on digital tools and platform for further- and after-training and career resettling etc. In addition, the Norwegian government increases the budget for research on basic ICT for competence development, renewing and transforming business and further development of a health analytics platform.

Adapting learning material in the digital transformation    

In the aftermath of the new curriculum for primary school, the government is funding new textbooks, both printed and digital, with €25 million. Where some of the funding is directly directed on digital textbooks. The Minister of Education, Tore Sanner, comments in the following way:

“Digital literacy and digital creation power are important skills for learning in all fields. Digital textbooks contribute to this when they are used with good pedagogy.”


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