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Digital tools improve the reading skills, new research

Digital tools improve the reading skills, new researchNew research from Linnæus University in south-central Sweden showsDigital tools improve the reading skills, new research promising results in using digital tools to improve writing- and reading skills. The researcher Thomas Nordström has analysed two methods where the first is to use continual digital assessments for everybody and then use the result to personalise the training of reading and writing. The second focused on pupils with reading and writing disabilities and use of assisting technologies like text-to-speech- and speech-to-text-features. Where the technology made it easier for pupils with disabilities to keep up with the other pupils in the education and it had at the same time an obvious motivating potential. The full outcome of the research is available in the thesis Measures that matter: facilitating literacy through targeted instruction and assistive technology by Thomas Nordström. Source: Linnæus University 

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