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About the digital business | eLearningworld | Our editorial team

LarsGöran Boström, Editor in Chief and Market Manager

Virginia Ioannou Boström, Editor, Reporter, and Development

Oskar Jönsson, Sales and Development

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eLearningworld Europe AB (organisation number 559006-3318) is running a network of media sites, eLearningworld.eu/.se/.gr/.net (later .pl, .es, .fr and .dk). Where we offer integrated storytelling with services in the form of News, Analysis, Native Advertising, Digital Marketing, and Interactive books. 

About eLearningworld: What is the purpose of the business?

eLearningworld is focusing on innovation, modern publishing and learning, inspiring articles and services. We publish and distribute integrated storytelling. Please, try our makerspace to create interactive books called Storyteller on eLearningworld (SOE).

Which services will be included?

+Marketing services: Native Advertising like interactive stories modules for branding and marketing and sponsored stories. The services also include traditional banner advertising. Sell Your knowledge with Our knowledge. Let’s Do Business of mutual value!

+Storyteller on eLearningworld (SOE) to create, publish, distribute, sell, share and market Interactive Books. The interactive features include everything from advanced quiz modules to AI Answer module to Interactive video and a lot more. SOE includes three versions: Storyteller On Demand | Storyteller MakeIT | Storyteller PublishingLAB

+Marketplace – New service that will be launched very soon Read More

+Loads of interesting content about European trends, publishing, learning, and development.

How can I get involved?

The business depends on your involvement. Subscribe to our updates and RSS, follow us on Google+, Twitter and Facebook for the latest news and other sources. In addition, eLearningworld’s collaborative services CCB soon will be launched.

What is the CCB-model?

CCB is a new form of business model. The model will be presented with the launch of Storyteller PublishLab and MakeIT.

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