Design for Learning Environments for Creativity, according to new research

New research from Umeå University in northern Sweden directed on the learning environment’s impact on student’s creative developmentDesign för lärmiljöer för kreativitet, enligt ny forskning shows interesting results. As creativity, as well as complex problem solving, is considered as important competences for future learning programmes. Both EU and UNESCO have included this as a prioritised area in their future educational framework, the question: How? Will be of great importance. In this spirit, the research of Sol Morén at Umeå University has its basis in the theory of relational creativity.

Learning Environments for Creativity

The results of the research are presented in the thesis Relational creativity – What can participatory art do for higher education?. Where the theory of relational creativity is visualised in four design concepts.

  • Design for creative transformation
  • Design for creative participation
  • Design for creative comparative meetings
  • Design for creative networking