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Content Marketing in a Virtual Reality

Content Marketing in a Virtual RealityRead_it_on_AppleNews_badge_RGB_US-UK

In the eLearningworld News we have acknowledged many virtual reality projects within publishing, education, health, and development. The seeds to a virtual reality future for all kinds of contents are already growing and where there is content there is also a growing ground for different kinds of marketing innovation. In addition, it is a new field of gold for great storytellers as the technology improves.

VR Content Marketing

A research report from Ericsson ConsumerLab shows that shopping is an area where virtual reality will have a real and profound impact. The report says:

“Half of the smartphone users surveyed want a 3D selfie that can be used as an avatar to try on clothes online, and 64 percent would like the ability to see an item’s actual size and form when shopping online. Shopping for certain items may even become a thing of the past, as half of smartphone users want a 3D printer for printing household objects such as spoons, toys and spare parts for appliances. 44 percent even want to print their own food or nutritional supplements. Devices will also have to evolve with growing demands, for example over 50 percent of consumers think holographic screens will be mainstream within 5 years.”

Besides the visual benefits and interactivity, this means a whole new playground for content marketing. It might be a less favourable environment for “traditional” digital advertising. Since the attention of the consumer will be on the avatar and the content it provides.

Boosting personalisation and more detailed business intelligence

The customer journey that enters such a virtual reality of shopping at the same time is entering a story based on personalised preferences. This is a VR-journey that is open for “manipulations” along the way. Not in the form of disruptions. But in the form of engaging content that improving the quality of the journey and help the customer fulfilling personal preferences. This is where brands telling its story in order to find the micro-moment when the customer actually buys. While it at the same time providing the content marketer with business intelligence that can be used to gradually improve the virtual shopping experience even further.

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