Focus on long-term to find the right spots


By building a general story about your brand, products, services or/and ideas is a long-term event to find these micro-moments when a human actually engage in order to buy. But it includes short-term stories to create new spots to engage with your audience and grow further collaboration and sales. The design thinking approach of course also concerns the general story that is building the spirit and design, but even more the short term messages that in a more direct way communicate with the audience. Where the object is both to stick with the general story and also to make people take action, often not directly to buy, but to engage with your brand and its content. The micro-moments will appear eventually and then the ultimate goal of your marketing is accomplished.

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Collaborative Content Marketing

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Design thinking to target people and their needs

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Engagement with dynamic content

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Improving Content Marketing by boosting Interactivity

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