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Coding and use of technology in general will be implemented in the whole school system (from 6 years old), according to the Norwegian Government’s new digitization strategy that was presented August 25. The Prime Minister Erna Solberg comments the event in the following way: “This week over 60 000 Norwegian six year old’s have started school. Many of them will come to work in professions that we not yet know what it is. The digital development progressing faster and faster. To equip the children in the best possible way towards the future, the school must sit in the front seat of this development.” Some of the goals are that the pupils should learn to code and an “algorithmic” way of thinking. The new strategy also includes source analysis on the web to fight fake news etc. and a code of conduct on the web to fight cyber-bullying and for cyber-security in general. It also is directed on teacher training for the digital age and the news in the curriculum, as well as more use of edtech. Source: Press release by the Government of Norway