The concept of career is being shaken to its core

The concept of career is being shaken to its core

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People that are entering the labour market can look forward to 60 years of working life where the safe havens of long-term employment no longer exist. In addition, in these golden decades where the digital society is pre-maturing, innovation and transformation can make career moves obsolete almost over a night. In this spirit, the concept of career is being redefined and transformed.

The Concept Of Career Is Being Shaken To Its Core

Not learning fast enough

Unlearn, relearn and uplearn continually to add, update and upgrade Your knowledge and skills. In addition, L&D (learning and development) is an inevitable part to accomplish R&D (research and development), the main driving force in the pre-maturing digital society. In this spirit, leading companies are moving to overhaul their career models and L&D infrastructure for the digital age. While most organisations are still in the early stages of this transformation. 

Another driving force in this development is that research shows that only 1/3 of Millennials believe their organisations are using their knowledge and skills in an appropriate way. Where a common conclusion is that they are planning to leave as they are not learning fast enough.

New concept of career and learning management

After the small chunks of knowledge in an assembly line process delivery of the industrial society, learning and career management of the old days is no more. The course management of the traditional human resource department is exchanged to personalised experiences. Where learning design is the term that leads the way. The HR department curates the development and work as an advisor to useful learning experiences for each individual employee. In addition, everybody in the organisation can contribute by developing learning experiences from their individual skillset, and should be rewarded accordingly.

Building your personal portfolio of project-based learning and other forms of learning is in such an environment essential for success. While the credentials of showing your skills can be done in many ways, it can be called unbundled certificates or simply to be able to show the outcome of a certain project. Learning technologies is essential here, both for the learning experience in itself, with e.g. AR, VR and AI. And to be able to show your skills and knowledge with e.g. learning analytics, accomplishments in a gamified system and blockchain technology. 

The new concept of career is really a learning journey with You, yourselves, as the travel guide.

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Author of the book Learning Design in Practice for Everybody and Learning Design Consultant and developer of SOE PublishingLab

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