Building bridges with Online Learning to educate the uneducated

Building bridges with Online Learning to educate the uneducated

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“About 20 000 Pakistani children in the UAE are sitting at home without an education because their parents cannot afford the fees of private schools and community Pakistani schools are full” Samina Nasir former principal of a Pakistani school in Ajman, said to the National. Now an online learning project that targets these children has started for Primary School, grade 1 to 6. Soon grade 7 to 10 will be offered and the goal is to also offer the possibility for blue-collar workers to improve and complete their education. All that is required to participate is a computer device and internet connection as well as paying a small fee per month. The Pakistani Association Dubai (Pad) that is offering the online education is also planning to offer computers and iPads for free via sponsors. The platform includes course-material and live lesson feeds for teaching and soon an online exam module. Source: The National


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